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Sealing air leaks in your Log home

It is always a good time to sell the air leaks in your log home.  It is important to form an airtight seal around the windows, doors, attic fans, roof vents, between the log rows and any and all openings.  Not only does this keep heat in and the cold air out it also prevents water infiltration which causes log rot and extensive damage.   

One old timers test for air infiltration was to take a candle and slowly move up and down near windows, doors and walls to see if the flame went out or flickered.  This is a good sign that the area is allowing air into your home.  Remember to always extinguish the candle properly when you are finished.  There are modern test which may be cost prohibitive for you so this quick trick will do a good job on a budget.  

We recommend that all windows and doors be sealed properly upon installation. This is one of the biggest mistakes we find when working on log homes.  Often the windows and doors are not properly insulated causing air leaks and water infiltration.  If you are limited to time or money and in need of sealing your log home try working on small sections at a time.  Each month set aside a couple of hours to do one area of your home, maybe the doors first, then the windows, then the walls.   You decide what area you feel is priority and work on that area first.  

When you are finished you will be so glad you took the time to give your log home the extra TLC it deserves along with energy savings for you.  After all, logs are the most efficient insulation for a home when compared to other building type so why not make sure they are sealed properly to reduce your monthly energy costs.  

Call us with any questions you may have.   We are here to help.

Connie Beamer

The Log Home Super Center