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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) How do I know if my home needs Media blasting?

Determining if your log home needs media blasting can be as simple as asking yourself a few questions.   There of course are many homes that do not need media blasting, each home and its owners have different needs and these should be discussed at length with a professional media blasting and pressure washing expert.  Not all homes are suitable for pressure washing and not all home require media blasting.  

a.)  Do I want to lighten up the color and go from the dark brown that is on the house now to a lighter honey color?  

b.)   Have I had my home pressure washed in the past and had water infiltration which I have not yet fixed and or don't want to risk this happening again?

c.)  Is the stain on my home peeling or is it a fairly recent oil based product which I would like to replace with a water based product and want to ensure that all the oil is removed from the wood?  

d.)  Do you simply want to bring your home back to like new condition to improve the look and feel of your home by doing a complete restoration of the wood?

2.)  What is the cost of media blasting a log home?   

The cost of media blasting your log home can vary greatly from one company to the next.   Each company offers different skill levels and different pricing depending upon their overhead and expenses.  There is no one price fits all, oh sure there are contractors out there that will give you a square foot price but will this include lodging, travel expenses, materials and a good bit of other items needed to complete your blasting project or will you be billed extra in the end?  

We can assist you with a Free Estimate for your log home needs using digital or print photography and measurements or even make an onsite estimate if needed.   

3.)  How do I know if my home needs a Preservative Treatment?   

If your home has never been treated and or you are unsure then you may want to consider treating your wood.  There are some visible signs of infestation like powder post beetle holes and dust particles which you can see, then there are those signs you will not see such as hibernation where some of the pests will hibernate up to 24 months and then show signs of their presence.   

If you are in the beginning stages of re-staining your home and you have pressure washed or media blasted your home then applying a Preservative Treatment prior to applying the new stain is the best and only recommended time to do so.

4.)  When is the best time to work on my log home?

The best time to work on your log home is when it shows signs of wear on the stain, wood decay or wood rot, or if you see the chinking and caulking pulling away from the logs.   There is no one thing specific that determines when the best time is and there is no one schedule that fits all log homes.   Each home is different as each log home built is built to different standards.  The substandard quality of one builder compared to the Top Quality of another builder can be drastically different causing one log home to need attention just a few short years after it is built, while the other log home may not need any attention for many years to come.  

The seasons and climates in one area over another may also determine when you will be able to schedule the work to be performed.   Some smaller projects can be performed most any time while some larger projects which involve staining, chinking and caulking may be determined by weather and manufacturers application recommendations for their products.

5.) What is the difference between pressure washing and Media blasting?

With Pressure washing you stand the risk of water infiltration leading to potential damage to the interior of your home and  trapping water between the logs.   When pressure washing you will want to use less than 1,500 PSI because more PSI doesn't mean a better jog.  Quite the contrary the stronger PSI can cause extensive damage to the wood fibers and the pressure most likely will deliver water in your home through poorly sealed areas, especially around windows and doors causing damage to insulation in these areas.

6.) What are the advantages to media blasting?

Media Blasting is a dry process which prevents water infiltration into your log home.  Media blasting offers a clean dry surface removing mill glaze, existing stains, and removing oil based stains to allow for a new stain application.   Media blasting also removes dark stains allowing you to apply a lighter color stain as opposed to using chemical strippers which require water application again leading to water infiltration problems.   

7.) What about Chemical Strippers, how do they work?

Chemical strippers remove any dirt, grime, mold, mildew and existing stain color on your logs.  After applying the chemicals usually you wait a short period of time and then rinse completely removing any remaining chemicals.  If you do not properly rinse and completely remove the chemicals there will be damage to any new stains or products you apply to your logs.  The logs will then need to dry properly to prevent mold and mildew issues with your new stain.  

8.) Now that my logs are cleaned what is the next step?

Once you have properly cleaned your logs you should consider applying a borate treatment to prevent insect damage, log rot and fungus.   Once you have stained your home applying a preservative is not a viable option as it needs to penetrate the wood and the layers of stain will prevent it from penetrating deep enough into the wood to do much good.   

9.) What stains work best for my log home?   

While there are many good stains on the market and many options to choose from such as linseed oil, oil based, water bourne, and water based stains, we have found that the water based Perma Chink products stand the test of time better than the competition.   When it comes to applying a stain to your home ask yourself one question, do you want to do this every couple of years or apply a product that can be applied in greater intervals requiring less maintenance on your part.  Why apply a stain that requires reapplication every 2 to 3 years when you can simply apply a clear top coat in 3 to 5 years and only need to reapply the color coat in areas where it shows signs of fading.   Generally we see the Perma Chink Ultra 2 stain last 7 to 10 years when properly applied.

10.) Can you provide referrals or where can I find reviews from your customers online?

This is a great question.  Yes, we gladly provide referrals upon requests and you can find online reviews at a few additional websites as well.   Please click the link below to see a few online reviews.