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Restoration Services

With over 40 years combined experience specializing in log home construction, log home restoration, and log preservation techniques Beamer's Better Builders can help you accomplish your log home restoration goals.  Log replacement and log home restoration work should only be performed by professionals. Your home needs extra attention during the work to make sure that your walls remain properly supported during the process.

If your log ome has structural damage, log decay, or insect problems, let Beamer's Better Builders help you today.  In the process of repairing your home they will not only advise you about the obvious but will look for any other problems that exist or may arise.  Some of these problems don't show up until the restoration process starts.  They are skilled in all areas of construction from electrical, plumbing, and foundation work just to name a few, insuring a complete restoration without damaging your homes internal components.

Their goal is to educate the homeowner during and after the log restoration process. By educating you the homeowner they will teach you what to look for in the future so you can stop a problem before it gets out of hand and does extensive damage.

Benefits of Log Restoration

  • Preserves your Investment
  • Adds structural stability to your log walls
  • Eliminates/Minimizes air and water infiltratior
  • Minimizes heating/cooling costs
  • Increases the life and value of your home

Offering Top Quality Log Home Chinking, Corn Cob Blasting, Glass Media Blasting, Staining, Log Home Repairs, Log Restoration, Preservative Treatments and Partial or Full Turn Key log restoration work.   

For more information on our services please contact us at 336-325-9986 or email us at  

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